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Feng Shui

The ancient art and practice of positioning objects, furniture, and buildings while balancing the flow of energy with natural elements, creating positive effects.  The literal translation - wind and water.

Feng Shui is an ancient nature-based system of laws that govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. Utilizing Feng Shui principles with intention brings balance to a space, resulting in a harmonious environment that enhances the conditions for joy, success, and abundance in one's life.

The Feng Shui philosophy is rooted in a holistic universal view. It sees everything as part of a natural order, the inherent aspect that everything is energy, and always moving and changing. Every being and thing on earth - people, animals, plants and objects - has an energetic value (or chi), and all are interconnected, generating dramatic effects in our lives.


Building locations, furniture placement, traffic patterns, and all objects in the home, workplace, or landscape subliminally influence how people think and act, which have powerful results in what is attracted into life. Spaces that are in balance consciously support people to be in sync with their environment promoting well-being, happiness and increased productivity.


Western Feng Shui utilizes the foundation and principles of traditional Feng Shui, but in an approach that is viable to our culture and lifestyles. Through this philosophy, Spaces in Balance will transform your surroundings and reveal the process to produce maximum benefits in your life!


Spaces in Balance is a consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals and businesses gain maximum benefits from their lives and their surroundings.

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