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How can Feng Shui assist my life, home or business?
Feng Shui promotes balance and harmony in your life. Following the Feng Shui principles aligns your aspirations or goals with your surroundings. The benefits will positively affect you and others in your environment. Feng Shui works in conjunction with your interior design and/or building codes. The changes made to a home or office are long-lasting.

What is the difference between Western Feng Shui and Traditional Feng Shui?
Traditional Feng Shui, dating back more than 6000 years, involves the natural environment and a scientific study of a magnetic compass and the relation of the earth to stars, seasons, and planets. Western Feng Shui (introduced in the 1980‘s) uses a more intuitive approach to the energy flow of an environment as well as utilizing the main Feng Shui principles: The Five Elements, Yin Yang, and The Bagua. This technique relates more to the western culture and maintains the positive rewards.

The principles of Feng Shui will make your home or office fulfill its true potential!

Being conscious of the connection between our inner (mind, body) and outer (physical space) environments allows the co-creation of your life’s direction. There are three universal concepts - everything is alive, interconnected, and always changing. Awareness of the hidden messages in our physical surroundings give clues as to what direction our lives are headed. 

Your workplace, home or property should reflect both who you are and desire to be. The basic law of attraction is always occurring. The inhabitants of any space will interrelate with the environment – whether positive or negative. It’s possible to get back on track by shifting the energy of our surroundings - like attracts like!

Spaces in Balance reconfigures your space through Western Feng Shui, focusing and directing energy in your physical environment to produce greatest results!

What businesses benefit from Feng Shui?
All businesses - no matter the size - will benefit from Feng Shui since this practice is universal. Hospitals were the early adopters of Feng Shui, realizing the healing effects of bringing nature into their spaces (Biophilia), ease of navigation, and introducing more healing colors and fractal patterns. Many savvy business owners also embraced this concept - including Virgin Airlines, Coca-Cola, Intel, Dreamworks.

Regarding the “Infinite Possibilities™” training, is there a minimum age requirement?
Yes. To fully understand the course, the individual should be 13 years of age.

How does Feng Shui and the Infinite Possibilities training relate to each other?

Both practices work hand in hand to produce favorable changes to your life. Each work with energy patterns, our thoughts and beliefs, and then taking action. The combination of altering both the physical and mental aspects of our lives will make a huge positive impact.

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