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surroundings: the external circumstances, conditions, and objects that affect existence and development; the environment.


Does your home feel good?

Many people aren't aware how much our environments impact us and our well-being every day. Living and working in harmony with our personal spaces can greatly improve our lives.

Feng Shui is a science and an art, teaching the process of directing the energy that is present in all space and objects. It considers spatial relationships and the overall balance of an area, and in doing so creates positive results.

How does Feng Shui work?

The occupants of any dwelling naturally synchronize with their environment– whether positive, negative, or neutral. Proper Feng Shui shifts the energy and mood of the space to design a healthier and more beneficial atmosphere.

Spaces in Balance reconfigures your home to energetically balance the space, addressing any concerns, and influencing the energy in a positive way. This can be accomplished through clearing clutter, appropriate furniture placement, color and finish selections, incorporating natural elements and artwork and addressing any safety issues. Integrating these actions into the space can reduce stress, enhance the mood and create favorable results.

Home Staging For Resale

Do you want to maximize curb-appeal and sales potential?

Utilizing Feng Shui methods such as clearing clutter, balancing rooms, addressing colors, finishes, furniture and accessory placement will enhance your space and make the space “ready” for the new occupant. 


Is your yard a sanctuary or part of your “to do list”?

Through simple redesign and understanding natural elements, Spaces in Balance can turn your landscape into a peaceful, relaxing retreat.

Spaces in Balance is a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses and individuals gain maximum benefits from their lives and their surroundings.

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