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Our mind/body/spirit connection and how we energetically interact with the world has always been my passion. 

As a consultant in the commercial furnishings industry the majority of my career, I have a wealth of experience regarding creating ideal workplace environments for individuals and helping businesses achieve their goals. 

Interfacing this knowledge with nature-influenced Feng Shui principles and incorporating health & wellness practices, I offer effective solutions to clients. 

Innovative choices along with supportive environments are powerful aspects to our overall success. I'm continuously seeking new ways to improve how we live and work, discovering fresh ideas and sharing them with others!

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  • Feng Shui Certified Practitioner, IFSG

  • Reiki Master Certified Practitioner

  • Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer

  • 8 to Great Certified Trainer

  • Business Management Degree

  • 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Teacher Training for Senior Yoga & Advanced Studies

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